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Toni has been specialising in Airbrush makeup for over 9 years.

Airbase Airbrush Foundations are all vegan friendly and cruelty free, long lasting and professional makeup.

This product is an absolute favourite with all of our brides.

The foundation, blusher, bronzer and highlight are all applied using the special airbrushing gun.

This is what gives perfectly flawless, natural and lightweight makeup result.

Airbrush Make-Up provides a long lasting, flawless finish and much, much more....

A long lasting make-up that requires no touch ups, meaning the you need not worry about their make-up degenerating throughout your special day.

When you spray using an airbrush it atomises the product making the particles of make-up tiny. 

This is why airbrush make-up is used in HD TV and film. The particles in the make-up become much smaller than when it is conventionally

applied and therefore less visible. 

There are also many hygienic benefits to spraying fountain on the skin.

 When we use a conventional brush or our fingers there is potential to spread bacteria and germs across the face. 

By spraying Airbase make-up onto the face we can avoid this.

The formulation of Airbase, this professional make-up is perfect for special occasions such as weddings, proms and special occasions.

Not to mention the ease of the flawless look which can be enjoyed all day - everyday!


Airbase makeup is Silicone Based and feel beautiful and luxurious on the skin; it does not clog your pores, it allows your skin to breathe and when combined with our special polymer primer, it gives Airbase Make-Up amazing durability.

In particular it is the heat resistance that makes silicone make-ups so popular in the world of TV and film as they stand up to the intense heat of the lights - A perfect match for a bride on her wedding day!!

Airbase foundations, blushers and bronzers combine a unique mix of ingredients with silicone at the heart of it's formulation.

 Feeling beautiful and luxurious on the skin.

 Silicone is heat-resistant, non-stick and pliable. That means that your Airbase Make-Up application lasts all day and can be 'moved' for a few minutes unlike water based foundations. Any errors are therefore easy to correct after application.

Vitamins A and E: Airbase contains Vitamin A, an ingredient that is proven to improve elasticity of the skin and therefore reduce fine lines. It also contains Vitamin E. This is an anti-oxidant that moisturises and repairs helping to deactivate the free radicals that age the skin. 

Images Credit: Photography by Paloma. Karla McKarthy Photography ​

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