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At Toni Todd Boutique, we are committed to making your balayage experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Whether you're a balayage novice or a seasoned pro, our team is here to provide you with exceptional service and a stunning new look. Book your Balayage Full Service today to discover the beauty of multidimensional hair colour.


FROM £250

Discover the Art of Balayage: Transform Your Look with Our Comprehensive Balayage Services. If you're new to the world of balayage, our Balayage Services menu is the perfect starting point to embark on a journey towards beautiful, multidimensional hair. At Toni Todd Boutique, we understand that the world of hair color can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. That's why we've designed this comprehensive, full-service package to take you from basic to breathtaking in just one appointment. Our Balayage Full Service is a complete hair transformation experience that's perfect for anyone looking to embrace the stunning effects of balayage. This service is carefully structured to ensure you leave our salon with the hair of your dreams. What's included in our Balayage Full Service: 1. Five Hours of Expert Colouring. Our skilled stylists will meticulously hand-paint your hair to create natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights that perfectly complement your skin tone and personal style. 2. All Necessary Treatments: We believe in maintaining the health and integrity of your hair. That's why we include all the necessary treatments to ensure your hair stays in its best condition throughout the balayage process. 3. Premium Lightener and Root Tap: Our professional-grade lightener ensures precise and beautiful colour results. We'll also take care of any root touch-ups to maintain a seamless transition from your natural colour to the balayage highlights. 4. Customized Toners: To achieve the perfect tone and shade for your balayage, we'll apply customised toners that enhance the depth and dimension of your hair colour. 5. Expert Cut and Style Dry: Your transformation isn't complete without the perfect haircut and style to complement your new balayage. Our experienced stylists will craft a look that suits your face shape and lifestyle.


FROM £50

Balayage Maintenance Services, tailored specifically for existing balayage clients who wish to keep their stunning, sun-kissed look refreshed and radiant. At Toni Todd Boutique, we understand that maintaining your balayage is key to preserving that effortless, natural beauty you love. Partial Maintenance - £75 Halo & Face Frame - £62.50 Face Frame - £50 Root Tap - £25 Toner - £16.50

Why Choose Balayage at Toni Todd Boutique?

Balayage is the art of creating lived-in color, where soft, blended highlights mimic the way the sun naturally lightens your hair. One of the many advantages of balayage is its low-maintenance nature. Unlike traditional highlights, balayage regrowth is seamlessly integrated with your existing colour, allowing you to go longer between salon visits.

Personalised Colour Care

Our expert colourists take the time to assess your current balayage and carefully retouch the regrowth. We prioritise the preservation of your hair's health and integrity while ensuring that your color remains multi-dimensional and luminous. Whether your balayage is a soft honey, a beachy blonde, or a sultry brunette, our team will customise the service to match your unique style.

Ideal for Busy Lifestyles

We understand that modern life can be hectic, and committing to frequent, time-consuming salon appointments can be challenging. With balayage maintenance, you can enjoy a beautiful, low-maintenance look that fits perfectly into your busy schedule. Say goodbye to constant touch-ups and hello to effortlessly chic hair.

At Toni Todd Boutique, our Balayage Maintenance Services are designed to keep your hair looking its best, ensuring that your balayage remains a stunning reflection of your personal style. Book your appointment today and let us help you maintain that enviable, sun-kissed glow without the hassle.

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