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Highlights are the traditional method of blonding, woven, teased or sliced foils placed into the hair to brighten and create a multidimensional effect throughout. The weave can be natural, textured or bold in appearance and is suitable for blonding and blending white hair. 


FROM £125

Elevate Your Tresses to the Perfect Blonde Full Blonding Services start at £125 for the first 2 hours of foiling, then £50 per hour thereafter. Are you ready to embrace the stunning allure of blonde hair? Our Full Blonding Service is your passport to radiant, sun-kissed locks. This transformative journey is not just a hair appointment; it's an artful process that requires time, expertise, and premium products to turn your hair into your dream shade of blonde. Blonding is a highly personalised experience. The journey begins with a thorough consultation, where our expert stylists assess your natural hair colour, texture, length, and your desired blonde hue. Whether you're dreaming of a platinum blonde, honey highlights, or a soft, beachy blonde, we'll create a custom plan just for you. The process of going blonde involves two key steps: lightening and toning. Lightening lifts your hair's natural pigments to create a blank canvas for the blonde shade of your dreams. Toning then adds depth, dimension, and the perfect undertones to achieve your desired look. But remember, not all blondes are created equal. Achieving your ideal shade requires precision, and our team is dedicated to making it happen. We use the finest products and the latest techniques to minimise damage and maximise the longevity of your blonde transformation. At the heart of our Full Blonding Service is the commitment to making your vision a reality. Each step of the process is tailored to you, ensuring that your blonde hair is uniquely yours. So, if you're ready to embark on this blonde journey, schedule a consultation today, and let us work our magic to reveal your most beautiful, bespoke blonde self. Say hello to a world of confidence and elegance with our Full Blonding Service! You will require a toner and blowdry in addition to your blonding service to ensure the correct hue is delivered.


FROM £50

Expert Maintenance Services for Seamless Blonde Hair Back to Back Foiling - £125 (2hrs) Full Head Foiling - £100 (1.5hrs) Half Head Foiling - £75 (1.25hrs) T-Zone Foiling - £62.50 (45mins) Partial Foiling - £50 (30 mins) Are you flaunting a stunning blonde hair transformation but worried about regrowth ruining your look? Look no further! Our maintenance highlighting service is your key to maintaining that flawless, blended blonde, leaving you feeling confident and radiant every day.

Here at Toni Todd Boutique, we recommend booking regular maintenance appointments between 6 to 12 weeks, tailored to your personalised blonde look and natural hair depth. Here's why our maintenance service is essential for your blonde locks: 

Seamless Regrowth Management

Over time, your natural hair color starts to show at the roots, creating an unsightly contrast with your blonde highlights. Our maintenance appointments ensure that regrowth is seamlessly blended into your existing blonde, maintaining a consistent and natural appearance.


Personalised Care


At Toni Todd Boutique, we understand that every blonde look is unique. Whether you have icy platinum, honey-toned, or beachy blonde hair, we customise the maintenance schedule to match your specific needs. Your natural hair depth is also taken into account to create a perfect match between your roots and highlights.

Long-Lasting Results

Regular maintenance appointments are encouraged, not only keep your blonde looking fresh but also extend the life of your colour treatment. This means fewer visits for touch-ups, saving you time and money in the long run.

Expert Guidance

We will provide you with professional advice on at-home care to maximise the time between appointments, ensuring your blonde hair remains vibrant and beautiful.

Don't let regrowth dull your blonde brilliance. Experience the confidence and beauty of seamlessly blended blonde hair with our maintenance highlighting service.

Book your appointment today and enjoy the enduring allure of your stunning blonde locks!

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