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Salon Policies

At our Toni Todd Boutique we want to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for every one of our clients. 

Please familiarise yourself with our salon policies to know what to expect on your visits with us. 





Our booking guidelines provide information on how to schedule appointments conveniently. 

We also outline our cancellation policy, detailing any required notice and potential fees. 


Understanding our payment guidelines will help streamline the checkout process. 

By familiarising yourself with these policies, you can confidently plan your visit and make the most of your time with us. 

We strive to provide excellent service while respecting the time and commitment of both our clients and stylists.

When online or in salon booking, these are the policies you agree to:


Opening Hours


Monday  Closed

Tuesday & Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00

Thursday & Friday 08:30 - 19:30

Saturday 9am - 5pm

Sunday Closed




The salon is on ground level throughout, with direct street access

Clients are always welcome to bring a support person or service animal along to their appointment. 

If you have an accessibility need not covered here, please reach out by calling 01903 446399




Toni Todd Boutique welcomes and respects all genders, Non-Binary and Gender Fluid people, the entire spectrum of the LGBTQI+ community, the elderly, people of colour, people at any level of ability, and all religions.

We will not tolerate hateful behaviour towards these communities and will stop a service immediately if this policy is infringed upon. 


Silent Service


Toni Todd Boutique happily offers a Silent Service to anyone that requests it. 

Clients can request a Silent Service in their booking notes, or via text 07455910108/Email at 


Skin Testing. Screening for sensitivity and allergic reactions


Toni Todd Boutique requires that all clients requesting chemical treatments must receive an Allergy Alert Test (patch test) at least 48 hours before their first chemical/technical appointment.


Toni Todd Boutique uses testing and screening to check suitability for the colour and smoothing products we provide.


Toni Todd Boutique use screening to monitor the need for testing you before your service. If nothing has changed since your last test and we have a valid record (typically within the last 6 months) it will be OK to proceed with your service. 


If you have used any form of hair colour (at home or in another salon) since we last saw you we need to retest you




Toni Todd Boutique recommends that new clients to the salon, book in for a full 30 minute consultation ahead of committing to any technical or chemical appointments. 


Toni Todd Boutique will give the client a thorough consultation, create a plan for their service, and offer refreshments.

Toni Todd Boutique will ask for clarification/approval and provide detailed explanation throughout the service process.


How to Book


All appointment bookings are made either online, phone, text, email or through our social media.


Toni Todd Boutique encourages clients when booking online, to read all service descriptions carefully and ensure that they have booked the correct service for the desired result. 


Change of service that would require extra time on the day may not be accommodated for.

If you are not sure how much time will be needed or have a question about booking, please get in touch before booking goes live on 01903 446399.


Client Contact Information


Toni Todd Boutique stores all client records on a secure booking system provided by FRESHA and complies with all GDPR and data privacy laws.

Toni Todd Boutique will never use or sell on client records or personal information. 

If incorrect contact information is provided by the client, including, but not limited to, customer name, phone number, or email address, Toni Todd Boutique may not be held responsible for loss of correspondence, such as appointment confirmation or reminder messages. In instances of incorrect or inaccurate contact information being provided, it is the clients’ responsibility to identify these errors and call 01903 446399 to have them rectified.


Booking Confirmation


Automated text and email correspondence will be delivered to the client via FRESHA to confirm any appointments booked, using the details provided by the client. Additionally, a reminder message herein referred to as the “reminder”, will be delivered 72 hours prior to the commencement of the appointment.


Booking Approvals


Your booking will not be approved until Toni Todd Boutique has checked over your appointment and ensured you have enough time to achieve your desired results. If your appointment needs to be moved because of this, your deposit for this space will be honoured and carry on to your new appointment time.


Arrival Protocol


Toni Todd Boutique requires guests to arrive promptly for their service. 

Please don't arrive earlier than 5 minutes ahead of your allotted time as your stylist may still be in their previous appointment any earlier than this.


Late Arrival


Toni Todd Boutique does not extend service times or issue refunds/price adjustments for late arrival. 

Failure to arrive exactly on time for an appointment will lead to service alteration, allowing Toni Todd Boutique to perform only the most important parts of the service.


Please let us know if you are going to be late for your appointment, we can usually allow for a few minutes, however we may have other clients after your appointment. So arriving more than 15 minutes late for an appointment will result in its immediate cancellation. 

An invoice for the full remaining amount of the appointment cost will be sent to the email address and phone number provided by the client.


Toni Todd Boutique asks clients to call ahead if they will be late on 01903 446399.


Non-Refundable Booking Fees, Cancellations and Rescheduling and No Shows


To secure your appointment, Toni Todd Boutiques requires a 20% booking fee to be taken at the time of booking via card capture or full payment if card capture is denied. 

Card details are securely held by our booking system (FRESHA) and are not viewable or editable by the staff at Toni Todd Boutique.


For bookings where your card details are captured, your card will not be charged at the time of booking, however it will be charged in the event of a no-show or late cancellation.  


• Cancellations received with over 48 hours of your appointment start time will be charged at 50% of the total appointment cost. 


• Cancellations within 24 hours (or no-shows) will be charged at 100% of the total appointment cost.


• Appointment reminders will be sent 72 hours before your appointment so please contact us as early as possible to avoid your card being charged.


We reserve the right to ask for payment in full before a booking will be made. If this is done, this amount will be treated the same as a non-refundable booking fee and will be retained in proportion to the above late cancellation charges (50% for cancellations between 48-24 hours and 100% for cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment start time).


If no booking fee or card capture is taken, we reserve the right to cancel any unsecured appointments without notice, if multiple requests to confirm appointments have been repeatedly ignored. Payment in full, in advance will be required to book any future appointments.


If no booking fee or card capture is taken and you cancel within 48 hours, we reserve the right to ask for a late cancellation charge of 50% (or 100% if you cancel within 24 hours) of the total appointment cost, then payment in full in advance, to book any future appointments.


If you do not show for your appointment and have not contacted the salon, you may be removed from the online booking system. 


Please contact us to book a new appointment, we will then require payment in full, in advance of any new appointment.

Repeat cancellations will lead to forfeiture of the ability to book in again.


Payment Options


Toni Todd Boutique accepts all major credit and debit cards, contactless, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Bank Transfer payment options. 

We do not accept cash.


Mobile Phones / Distractions


Mobile phones are permitted to be used before the commencement of the service to show inspiration photos. 

Mobile phone conversations or texting during services are asked to be kept to a minimum. 

Mobile Phone audio/video must be listened to through headphones as a respect to other guests




It is recommended for the health of your hair that guests return every 6-8 weeks for maintenance services (this can vary depending on required service and natural hair growth). 


Toni Todd Boutique recommend that you follow any home-care program that has been advised to you by one of our professionals. This will enhance and maintain the service you have received.




Toni Todd Boutique recommend re-booking your appointment before leaving the salon, especially if you have a preferred day/time. This will eliminate any trouble or disappointment in making future maintenance appointments.


Change of Mind


Toni Todd Boutique will not issue price adjustments/refunds for change of mind. 

The guest must pay for the full amount of time booked out even if the guest requests a reduced or changed service.


Children and Animals


Children are welcome at Toni Todd Boutique but require a parent, carer, or guardian to be always with them. 

We love all of your fur babies, and any other animals you might keep, but unfortunately, they are not allowed in at Toni Todd Boutique unless prior arrangement has been made because of extreme circumstances or is an assistance animal. 

It is not a safe environment for children or animals. The products, chemicals, tools, and equipment used at Toni Todd Boutique are both expensive and dangerous if not handled by a professional.


Age Requirements


All colour services are 16+ only.

Guests may be required to show ID before the commencement of a service, people under the age of 16 will be denied service.


Right to Refuse Service


Toni Todd Boutique retains the right to refuse service at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to frequent cancellations, lateness, or failure to comply with the policies included in this document.











Tell someone you’re not happy with the service you’ve received,  either while you’re still in the salon/barbershop or as soon as possible after leaving.

Calmly and clearly explain the problem.

We will listen to your feedback and ask questions as necessary to understand why you are making a complaint.

Complaints must be received within 48 hours of the appointment completion

We aim to resolve all complaints within eight weeks.


If you have already left the salon/barbershop, do not go to another salon, 

we have the right to see exactly what the service or treatment you received from us looks like.

We will arrange a suitable time for you to come back to our salon and discuss your complaint in private.

Where we think your complaint is reasonable, we will redo a part or all of the service or treatment again as soon as possible, free of charge.

The work will be done by a different stylist, barber or beauty therapist if you prefer, although this may not be possible if the individual is self-employed.

If we can’t fix the problem, we may offer a partial or full refund depending on how reasonable we consider your complaint to be.



If, after following our complaints policy, we still can’t agree on how to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, as required by 

the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes Regulations 2015.

We will refer you to a certified alternative dispute resolution provider: 


Hair & Beauty Mediation.


As mediators, they listen to both sides and help us work towards a fair and reasonable compromise that is acceptable to both parties.

It is not legally binding unless both parties agree on an outcome, but it is a cheaper and quicker alternative than taking legal action.

Please note there is a charge of £12 including VAT for the client and £30 including VAT for the salon.


Hair & Beauty Mediation can be contacted by:

Phone: 01234 831965



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