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Our Mission​​

We're loving every minute of our journey

Hair and Beauty salons can be one of the most wasteful businesses on the high street, especially when it comes to product choice and recycling. Over the years, Toni and the rest of our team have worked in salons and we have witnessed first hand at how very wasteful the industry is, and how nonchalant our bosses were at their impact on the environment, it was quite normal to discard all salon waste into the general waste without second thought.  

Vast numbers of product containers, foils, hair and colourants end up in landfill or are destroyed by incineration, causing harmful gases to be released into the atmosphere. And of course, huge water usage!! Shampooing every client, rinsing off every treatment and colour... all those towels going through the washer every night! It is heartbreaking that no one wanted to take any accountability for this situation, and it is happening every day across the global industry. 

At Toni Todd we are determined to stop living by default and start living by design, a design that we get to consciously create, by making pro planet choices.  As consumers ourselves, we believe that is up to businesses to find ways to offer our an alternative to the norm. ​

"The greatest threat to our planet is

 the belief that someone else will save it.”

Robert Swan - Author

green salon sussex

An Idea Is Born

Toni is, and has always been passionate about her impact on the environment. When opening the Boutique in late December 2018, she made a conscious decision to be mindful and decisive about how she woul​d run her business, always looking for an sustainable option where she could.  We are by no means perfect, and we're not saying we are... but we will not let perfection be our enemy, we do what we can, where we are and with what we have!!

Against Animal Testing 

Toni Todd Boutique is proud to be completely cruelty free. It's our way of saying NO to animal testing and we can only do this by selecting and supporting cruelty free companies. With the help of our clients, we believe this sends the whole hair and beauty  industry a message in the only language they speak - Money. If enough consumers boycott companies that test on animals, we can truly make a change. 

Our Fav Brands: Organic Colour Systems. Maria Nila. Tropics. Zao 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We are passionate about reducing our impact on the planet, and so we have joined forces with The Green Salon Collective initiative, along with around 500 other UK salons to create a circular economy, by recycling our salon waste. 

Not only that, we use papernotfoil a reusable foil range, the worlds first most innovative sustainable hair foils. Made of industrial waste, 96% less energy to produce, reusable, recyclable, degradable, compostable, completely safe to ourselves, plant life, water and animals, no toxic waste in its manufacturing or disposal - wow!! 

Cleaning Products

Making steps towards a different future comes down to many of the smaller choices that we make in our everyday living. We are totally nuts about keeping our little Boutique Salon clean and safe throughout your visit, even more so during the recent pandemic years. Sadly, many of the cleaning products on the market are full of toxic chemicals and as a consequence, a real detriment to our environment. So we are cleaning up our act by investing in green planet friendly alternatives, and we choose companies based mostly on their B-Corp status. 

You can find out more here at 

Organic hairdresser

Saving Water 

Similar to how Toni thought about her energy supplier, she didn't just opt for the obvious water supplier for the Boutique, instead she looked for a company with a bigger vision for the future. Everflow water supplier is a carbon neutral water company, not only that, but has also provided clean drinking water to over 500 families in water scarce countries! 

Saving water in the Boutique is high on the priority list too, we're not quite there just yet,  we have recently introduced toilet tank bags in our cistern to limit the water use in our bathroom. We have a goal to start saving even more water by introducing Eco Heads in our basin  by the end of this summer!!

Renewable Energy Companies

Toni didn't just think about sustainability in terms of products and tools used for her craft, she also knew that choosing 100% renewable power is the simplest sustainability step you can take. From the offset, searched the market for a company whose power comes from renewable sources including solar, wind, hydro and anaerobic digestion. Using Opus energy, we know they also have big dreams to create a carbon negative business by 2030, which is a huge goal, with a mission to be better. 

Some of the brands that we work with that are also striving towards the same sustainability mission 

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